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CMI's massage specialties include:  
Swedish Massage (relaxation using long gliding strokes, kneading, and tapping motions); 
Deep Tissue (the application of firm pressure in one or more areas during therapeutic massage); 
Myofascial Release (manipulation of the fascia that connects and surrounds muscles); 
Neuromuscular Therapy (uses pressure or trigger points to bring balance to the body); 
Reflexology (uses pressure points in hands & feet to carry energy throughout the body); 
Kinesio Taping(TM) (the use of kinesiology tape to promote and assist the effects of massage); 
Sports Massage (various massage techniques used to promote peak performance for athletes); 
Shiatsu (uses pressure points along body meridians to promote health and wellness); 
Forearm Flow or Lomi Lomi (use of forearm and elbow as primary massage tool); 
Craniosacral (encourages the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, no muscle manipulation); and 
Thai Massage (known as lazy man's yoga, the body is moved and stretched on a mat on the floor).