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Introduction to Shiatsu    16 CEs   $325
Julia Smith, LMT 5945, RMTI I-0398

An introduction to the principles of Shiatsu will be covered.  Based on Chinese medicine, the concept of energy balance will be learned through gentle compression, finger pressure and stretching.  Emphasis is on proper body mechanics for the practitioner and knowing how to vary the techniques for the client's anatomy.  Contraindications are discussed throughout the course.  Overview of Shiatsu theory will be covered.

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Continuing Education

Certified Kinesio Taping Technician® Workshops 

Matthew Villegas, LMT 5045, RMTI I-0540  

Learn effective taping techniques to use on your clients and athletes.  A great self-care tool as well.  Support joints and muscles while increasing blood flow and preserving range of motion.  

CKTT level 1:    2 CEs     $65 

This 2-hour workshop is open to ANYONE and includes a workbook and tape. During this course, your instructor will introduce 5 Kinesio Tape Pre-Cut applications.  We will cover the fundamentals of the taping method, including tension lengths (how much actual stretch we give the tape) and proper technique, and each attendee will have the chance to give and receive taping applications.  We will also discuss skin pre-treatment and contraindications (i.e. when NOT to use the tape)

CKTT level 2:    4 CEs     $130   

(PREREQUISITE: CKTT LEVEL 1; qualification in health, science or fitness)
This program is for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and other certified health or fitness professionals. This class focuses on 10 common applications. Attendees will receive a workbook, 3 rolls of Kinesio® Tex Classic tape, the CKTT exam and one-year CKTT membership with the Kinesio Taping® Association International.

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Sports Massage 16 CEs   $325
Matthew Villegas, LMT 5045, RMTI I-0540

In this course, we discuss concepts integral to sports massage and working with athletes.  This includes the difference in the therapist's intention when working with athletes, types of sports massage, sports massage settings, and assessment/clinical reasoning.  This hands-on course will teach you to apply familiar massage techniques to athletic populations.

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Bowen Breath Works ​    12 CEs   $245

Greg Anderson, LMT 2841, RMTI S-0553 

The original Bowen Technique is a gentle form of bodywork in which subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body for a relaxed and balanced way of achieving wellbeing. Results can be experienced even from the first session. Employing pauses into the session allows the body time to respond. Both general and specific work can be addressed leading to an integrated response.

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Thai Massage on the Floor   16 CEs   $325

Julia Smith, RMTI I-0398

This course provides the therapist with a good introduction, or review, of introductory level Thai Massage in supine, prone and side-lying positions. This is the foundation of more advanced techniques. We will be working less with our hands and more with our feet, forearms, elbows, knees, and fists to create slow, rhythmic bodywork which helps to calm the nervous system, relieve discomfort, and improve mobility. Compression, traction, tapotement, and stretching will be carefully applied within the client’s safety boundaries. Emphasis is on proper body mechanics for the practitioner and knowing how to vary the techniques for the client’s anatomy. When performed properly, Thai Massage feels wonderful relieving stress and pain. 

Contraindications and physical considerations for clients will be discussed, demonstrated, and taught so that students will learn how to safely work within a client’s physical and emotional requirements. Adaptations will be learned. At the end of this course, the student can expect to know enough material to give a balanced 1-hour Thai massage on the floor. We will be working on mats on the floor. Please consider carefully if you are able to tolerate getting up and down off the floor. 

Class requirements: Two pillows, a blanket, and loose, comfortable clothes. 

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Forearm Flow     16 CEs    $325
Carl Hime III, LMT #3735, RMTI #0302

A nurturing, integrative, fluid and intuitive bodywork style, which uses the forearm as a tool to reduce overuse of wrists and hands.  Long and broad strokes cover the entire body.  Benefits to the client include increased circulation and deep relaxation.  

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​​Neuromuscular Therapy     16 CEs    $325 

Elizabeth Farr, LMT 5687, RMTI S-0456

Introduction to specific massage techniques that access both the nervous and muscular systems.  Acute and chronic pain patterns are discussed.  Methods of treatment for neck, rotator cuff, and lower back dysfunctions are demonstrated and discussed.

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Craniosacral Therapy      14 CEs   $285

Matthew Villegas, LMT 5045, RMTI I-0540

In craniosacral therapy, we explore one of the body's oldest biological impulses, the craniosacral rhythm, also known as primary respiration.  Using light holds and going to a place of deep stillness allows the therapist to tap into this powerful rhythm, stimulating the client's parasympathetic nervous system and helping the body to unwind, self-correct and heal.  Craniosacral therapy, at its core, is the art of listening.  

Students will walk away with a fundamental understanding of this highly effective modality.  We will discuss craniosacral's osteopathic origins, as well its current use for conditions such as migraines, head trauma, and PTSD. Students will learn essential techniques, including 
diaphragm holds, unwinding, atlas/occiput releases, and still points.  We will also learn a basic protocol which can be used with any client.

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