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"I am a graduate of Crystal Mountain Massage, class of March 2011.  My journey has been one of personal, spiritual and emotional growth. I spent the initial part of my career building my private practice and maintaining my connection with Crystal Mountain.  My private practice is primarily mobile massage and event (chair) massage.  I joined Crystal Mountain Institute as a massage therapy instructor in 2015.  I am continuously learning and exploring the experience of touch and well-being.  I am honored to be part of the CMI family!"

Michelle is certified through the Wholistic Kinesiology Institute, and has completed training on massage with transgender populations and also is a Certified Kinesio Taping Techinician. 

"After twelve years as a massage therapist, I have experienced the power of massage on all aspects of a person's well-being. From musculo-skeletal injuries to emotional and mental stress, massage can facilitate the body's natural healing abilities unlike anything else. I gradated from Crystal Mountain in 2004, and since then massage has been my living, and a source of deep reward and endless fascination.  

As a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, I have found this innovative taping style to be a potent stimulus for the body, like an extension of the therapist's hands.  We are fortunate to be the only massage school in the nation to offer this comprehensive, 36-hour certification within the program, and I am happy to bring the intricacies of this taping method to CMI students.​​"

Matt attended the Kinesio University where he recieved his Kinesio Education. He is a Level 6 Craniosacral therapist. He has completed the Massage on Athletes program at University of New Mexico and Injury and Recovery for Sports Massage. Additionally, he has extensive training with adults in: Effective Teaching, Skill Assessment, Course Planning and Creating an Environment for Learning.

Crystal Mountain Institute Faculty

Carl Hime III  LMT #3735, RMTI #0302
Basic Massage, Forearm Flow, Hydrotherapy, Survey of Techniques, and Reflexology

Matthew Villegas LMT#5045, RMTI #0540, CKTF
Kinesio(R) Taping, Sports Massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Craniosacral Therapy

Massage Therapy Program Director

Julia Smith, LMT#5945, CTI, RMTI I-0398

Teaches:Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Business and Physiology

​Julia’s experience in Western Massage administration began as a full-time teacher at the Lincoln Technical Institute in Rhode Island where, at the request of the administration, she wrote their first Shiatsu training manual. After that, she went on to become the Program Director at the Salter School in Massachusetts where she oversaw student participation in a clinical trial tracing the positive effects of massage on those undergoing rehabilitation. With the collaboration of the teachers, She was also able to produce the school’s first massage training manual. 

Julia has completed Thai Massage Training with Maxine Shapiro in Boston, MA. She is certified in both Soma Veda Thai Massage and is a Thai Medical Massage Instructor from the Luma Center in Shelby, MI.  Nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School. Julia is also a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor.

Michele Hadley LMT #7247, RMTI #0516

Professional Ethics and Communications, Ergonomics and Self Care, Postural/Gait Analysis, Chair Massage

David Fletcher MS, LMT #6124, RMTI #0445

Pathology, Physiology, Geriatric Massage, Myofascial Massage, Oncology Massage, Research, CPR/First Aid Certification

Liz Farr LMT #5687, RMTI #0456

 Neuromuscular Therapy

​Liz has been a massage therapist since 2007, she specializes in deep tissue and sports massage.  She went to Crystal Mountain massage school here in Albuquerque NM. She has worked with the UNM track team since 2008.  She has also worked with the Isotopes and the UNM football team.   She grew up in Golden C.O. and went to college in Durango C.O.  " I love being able to help people, and I love working with my hands, so massage is the perfect combination for me."   She enjoys doing art, gardening and herbalism in her free time.   

​​"After traveling many diverse life paths, I have rediscovered the simple, yet profound experience of touch.  I find its ability to ease the body, calm the mind, and nourish the spirit a delight and a new calling.  I look forward every day to sharing this passion with my students and my clients. In 2010, I joined the Crystal Mountain faculty where I now teach a variety of subjects including contraindications, physiology, pathology, geriatric and oncology massage, myofascial release, research topics in massage, first aid and CPR. My own practice attracts clients with a variety of goals and expectations ranging from relaxation and palliative massages, to more advanced techniques designed for chronic pain management and soft tissue rehabilitation.I am a 2010 graduate of Crystal Mountain School and I also hold a Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

Dave is responsible for development of undergraduate instruction, as well as continuing education courses an adult education. He is a Certified American Red Cross First Aid Instructor and also holds certification through Daybreak Geriatric Massage, Associate Member #3565 and owns Sage Massage in Albuquerque.

"I am a graduate of Crystal Mountain, Apprenticeship to the Healing Arts, class of 1997.  I spent the next 6 years experiencing different locations to work from and exploring a variety of techniques and modalities.  In 2004, I returned to Crystal Mountain to begin my career as a massage therapy instructor as well as leasing space within the school for my own massage therapy practice. 

My personal style of bodywork is an accumulation of all that I have learned over the last 17 years.  I have experience in working with deep tissue, muscular skeletal, and issue specific concerns.  I have also studied the energetic side of bodywork; Reiki and Polarity.  Lomi Lomi is a bodywork style that I have spent extensive time studying and practicing.  Lomi Lomi is based on ancient Hawaiian healing principles, working with spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspect of a being."

Carl has extensive training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. He is also trained in coaching strategies for the adult student, dealing with gray areas in massage therapy and self-evaluation for an ethical practice.