2017 Tuition Waiver Award

This annual award entitles the recipient to a tuition waiver of up to $2,000.  The purpose of this award is to assist one or two students in more quickly reaching their goal of becoming a licensed massage therapist.  Students who wish to be considered for this award will need to complete an application and meet the minimum qualifications listed below:

  • Completion of one of the massage therapy programs that began in 2016 at CMI;
  • Completion of all classroom hours and classwork (including make-up assignments);
  • Completion of all clinic hours;
  • Actively engaged in on-going work study;
  • Has maintained a good academic standard; and
  • Has displayed a high level of personal and professional responsibility.

Application Procedures
The applicant must complete the award application and submit it to the front desk at CMI for review no later than Friday, May 12th at 5:00 PM.

                                          2017 Application

Award Determination Procedures
The award will be voted on by the CMI faculty and staff on May 17th.  The recipient will be notified via email the following morning by 10:00 am and the results will be posted on CMI’s Facebook page.

Specific Determination Procedures

  • Applicants must meet ALL of the minimum qualifications.  If no applicant meets all of the qualifications, the award will not be given.
  • Each instructor and staff member physically present at the meeting will cast one vote.  The Executive Director will only vote if there is an even number of votes without her.
  • If more than one applicant is chosen, the $2,000 tuition waiver will be split equally among the recipients.

CMI's tuition waiver award is dedicated to the memory of Gurubhai Singh Khalsa, an artist, healer, and beloved instructor at Crystal Mountain for many years.  Emily Filomena (center) and Kayla Beltran (not pictured) shared the first ever waiver, awarded in the Summer of 2017.  

 Harnal Khalsa, Gurubai's wife, and longtime friend, CMI instructor David Fletcher, presented the award in his honor.