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  Crystal Mountain Institute and Rio Grande Shoshin Ryu have partnered to bring Albuquerque a new community program for our Veterans!

The purpose of the Yes to Martial Arts and Massage Program (“Yes MA’AM”) is to provide a way for military veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, or other psychological traumas associated with their military service to deal with and/or overcome the effects of trauma by using previous research and known strategies in a unique program designed specifically for veterans.  This program gives them that opportunity by teaching them jujitsu in a safe environment. Each participant will also receive a minimum of two student massages each month in Crystal Mountain Institute’s massage therapy clinic.

The martial arts component of the program will focus on the study of Shoshin Ryu, a complete system of martial arts that places emphasis on the physical and mental skills required for self-defense and personal growth. These skills are taught in a supportive and non-competitive manner with emphasis placed on the development of personal excellence within each practitioner.   

The development of the Shoshin Ryu practitioner leads to skilled martial artists who are not  fighters but rather those who can fight; martial artists who continually seeks to better their skills and personal understanding. Shoshin Ryu practitioners are warrior scholars who are at home with peace and not afraid of the challenges life brings. They are people who develop their own concept of excellence.  They are at peace with themselves because they are confident in their tools and abilities.

 Shoshin Ryu focuses on six training elements to effectively open a path for excellence in martial arts:  

  • Jujutsu (throws, chokes, pins, blending, joint manipulation); 
  • Goshinjutsu (self defense applications); 
  • Buki (weapons); 
  • Ne waza (ground skills); 
  • Atemi (strikes, pressure points, kata, kicks); and
  • Taiso (physical fitness, flexibility, strength, balance). 

Please see Rio Grande Shoshin Ryu Website for more information.  Or contact Sensei Michael Scisco at michael@riograndeshoshinryu.com or 505-603-3636.

 The Yes Ma'am Project:

Yes to Martial Arts and Massage